We provide a comprehensive Design and 3D rendering service in-house


Attention to detail is at the centre of everything we do at Fabform and these attributes are very evident in our CAD office where a highly skilled team produce detailed 2D drawings and 3D computer models that are used by our shop floor to manufacture each product.

All drawings are kept on file so, if product changes are required many years after installation, we can refer to exact details of what was manufactured and ensure consistency

Our engineering and technical office, excel in the design service across all Industries.




Each site is different and each client makes unique demands that require different solutions. Fabform works to close tolerances to achieve an accurate fit. Even when we are given recent architect’s drawings we carefully survey where our products are to be located and consider where and how they may be delivered.

Well before we draw your designs, we will know if installation requires a crane, whether a stairwell is passable and where services such as electricity, gas, water, drains, refrigeration and computer networks need to be located.

When Fabform is managing an entire project, including building works, we will work to our own accurate drawings throughout.